Stem Cell Therapy

Spine & Sports Medicine & Regenerative Medicine located in San Jose, CA and Campbell, CA

Spine & Sports Medicine & Regenerative Medicine located in San Jose, CA and Campbell, CA

Stem cell therapy is among the most exciting treatment options within orthopedics. At Spine & Sports Medical Group, residents of Campbell, California and San Jose, California, and beyond have access to a team of physiatrists trained in the latest applications of stem cell therapy and other forms of regenerative medicine. If you’d like to explore the possibilities afforded by stem cells and other advanced therapeutic options, schedule a one-on-one consultation today, online or over the phone.

Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What are stem cells?

Your body is comprised of a multitude of different cell types, each of which performs a specific set of functions. Stem cells are special because they have the ability to replicate into specialized cells. That means they can be guided into new forms, whether that means muscle cells, cartilage cells, nerve cells, or other types.

Stem cells can be sourced from your own body, including from your bone marrow and fat. Alternatively, stem cells can be harvested from donor tissue, including from umbilical cord blood or adult donors. 

What are the benefits of stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy allows your body to produce new tissue to repair or replace damaged tissue. That can improve joint pain and repair a degree of damage without surgery or other invasive treatment options. 

This approach is a good fit for men and women who are living with joint pain but want to avoid pharmaceutical solutions. Stem cell therapy spurs your body to create new tissue, which eases pain by improving the structure and function of the targeted joint. The ability to achieve those outcomes without the risk of side effects or addiction makes stem cell therapy a great alternative to relying on medications to address pain. 

Some men and women are not good candidates for surgery, yet still would like to reduce pain in their joints. Stem cell therapy can lead to noticeable improvements in pain management, yet the procedure to harvest and deliver stem cells is far less invasive than even minimally invasive surgery. 

What happens during stem cell therapy appointments?

Stem cell therapy is administered via direct injections into the damaged joint. Depending on the location of the injections you may receive numbing medication as the process begins. The treatment needle is then guided into the targeted joint. Ultrasound may be used to ensure the needle has reached a precise location before the stem cells are delivered. 

Once in place, stem cells begin replicating into the type of cells by which they’re surrounded. In terms of joint health, that means your cartilage, connective tissues, muscles, and bones can be repaired from within.  

It takes time to see results from stem cell therapy. As your body creates new cells you’ll begin to notice improvements. At that time you and your practitioner can determine if additional treatments are needed or if another treatment path is a better fit for your needs. 

To find out if stem cell therapy is the right course of treatment for you, call Spine & Sports Medical Group today or schedule your appointment online.

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